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Joshua jp[egs on telly for my painful sins

As ALL of you will know my baby Josher jo jok joor passed off earlers this year.  as his paternal momok i was nature sad, but eye have now bin given Star Wars A New Hope as my moms grtandson (Joshua) has been seen on TV's biggest crimewatch show: Most Haunted AS A FUCKEN GHOST!!!. I have a friend called Greg who runs a business capturing jpgs from the telly and cos it was specunt circumsishems he said he would do 3 screen captures for me (the person writing this). I will narrative the pictures, please read aloud and imkagine the photoghts are moving with voices and shit like as if you woz wotrching thr tv/rtelly/box/set/gogglebox/cunt pill.
If you would like to buy any of these pictures of my dead ghost baby, please email me at my post code.

Screenprint 1 ($449.95) in this picture A Vet Feel Ding is in what looks liKe a room. One can see that her is looking at summat and has missed the first appearance of my son, precariously peeking round the fucking table - always with his ball, al…