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did I ever tells you about my boyfriend Mat Nandos? He was responsible fo the sperm part that made my baby - as we all know my 'raising a child successfully' project didnt pan out in the end due to some problems, but anyway, love can build a bridge.

me and Mat Nandos broke up a while back fter my baby ceased to function, but I have ti admit that the time i spent with him left me doubting his entenshions. for instance, for a leving he drew comics and made his money that way. the day we broke up i tooks this photo of his desk  i want to draw your attention to all THE FUCKING TERRIBLE SHIT GOING ON HIS iDESK

see if you can spot all of the stupid things this cunt got wrong.

now i want a real man, like this tub of stupid ass sweat

god just look at his tits man, theyre so sweat a juice, theyre ripe for the squeezing
next week I can get my clit pearced, so says my best mate anwyay. apparenzly you have to wait until leap years to get your vagina slashed open and a piece of metal smashed i…
hellow viewers. its been may years since i last poster an blog but i am here tonight to let you know that i am still alive and have many new news matters to recount to they.

fir1st  of all i wanna talk about me old pal Tango.

his real name isnt Tango but Im trying me best to hide his eyedenitee.

that FUCKING CUNT THat GODDAM MOFO FUCKING BASTARD did something terrible and Ic ant let it go. in 1997 i drews a picture and was halfway threw it and i accidentally gave it to him with a bunch of other paper files, and when he returned it to me he's tried to fill in the rest, but did s in a most horrific mano

my characters were drorn in and he put in a fake pile of SHIT behind them!

am i wrong to    never forgive him? jhe was my best mate until i had my fathers knee. so many tims i tried to talk to him about it - 15 years is an long time to pearl harbour anger and regret and fear and anxiet and bravery and be brave through my entire lifesince, knowing that deep doiwn he has scarrr my intern…