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I'm all alone...

...In the dark.

please smioebody text me

Focus UNFOCUSSED Lllustration Frida

tis weeks word is FOCKUSED. in ainticipation i set to workin in in my sketchbooik this morning and slammed myself into working on a bunch of iullustratiuoins that i nmight be abel to yuse as i want ed to be the first to conbritube to iuillastrations fridasy this weeK.

As you can cee iv'e gonn for a sparse "Unfocused" approch to the word this work.

this I know is I did this thing thank you.

promarilarily because of the time allowed to the self for this wotkj it had to be SPARSE.

Iv;e then enjoyed to the mixed media this weeks word has alluwed me to demonstrte muh artistic skills.

I appreciate any and all criticism you may have to offer.

here is my entery.

and this isf thef full piecef.


Hitlers Falls in Love with Peace - T-Shirt Concept #4

This is a t-shirt design i have done which I will soon do properly and print on a t-shirt for my friend. She loves peace and world war 1 so I thort that she would apeshiate this transistional peice. The design feastures the internation sign for @peace" and the international sign for "hitler's face" and if my fried likes this I may make some more to sell. Let me knowe if youre intrested as I reckon a good for one of these would be $18. let me knowe.

ill australian friday

Some of you must be asking, "where has she bin?"
I've had a bad cold.
Im betta now though and was absolutoly delited with this weeks suggestion of "Clumsy". Immediatly last Friday I set at work and finally, 6 days later, I have finished ,my picture. I call it "Clumsy". and before you ask, no, it's not a self portrait of myself, it is my dream once had as a child where my sister smashed my face with a hammer and I coulsdnt stop apologising for murder crimes .

See you next week my friends! :(