Joshua is not my child

Dear readers

It has with great sadness that I share my recent discorrs jim corrs andreas corrs a big fat wet corr of discovery. This is major Jofuahs my long dead black baby is not my child!

I stole him frum a wild pack of slovakian kittens.

 'lr.  so the story goo's in Tipton canal bourneidentity and raised, I was shootin some hoop is west philahelphia when me mummy got scarred for life by an absent minded emoji of some razor wire?  When up popped Perter venkman, the black one, Igor spenglaron and Ray "last name escapes me mind jail" causing some fucking mofo trouble in me black mofo neighbourhood and then me mum wuz all like

"you're going to live die with Uncle phil and the only black Tom jones fan in the Alpha Quadrant"

And I'd like to take a minute so shit a kid out right there...

She gave me a kiss and a love fumble and then she gave me my clamedia studio MX.

So I hailed for a fucking crab and e said 'You're movin' with your auntie marie and uncle hank in Bel Air' junglejunglefolks...and I said smell your fucking pock marked dirty cock face later

?then uncle Phil he did things to us, highly sexual things. he made me do sad things in my love organs and I was url:messed up and me no make kids again.
Uncle Phil was happy though cuz Georfrey our resident male escort gave him a whacking big purple veined hard on.  He later said that hard on was the 9/11 of the 90's. I vehemently agree.

Hillary Clinton walked unto congress and was all like "daddy give me £2.50 for a daysaver cunt?" say what??

She said it like she was a question, fo' real.  whicj is odd cause no one's a question. black cunt$

black cunt$#

Bklakc cunts##

>Jpeg of blackCunts<

Geordie LaForge, uhura, guinan, are some of my close black frends

Michael& WALT Frum LOST are we still friends?

Michael stipe wearuing denzel washingtons fridge face

Jo Parkes, Darren Gold-iceberg from WGHS

no black pople in Battlestar galactivca

hash tag black cunts

hashtag more black cunts~~~~

hashtag# simply black cunt$ with Jamie Oliver in under 30 minutes hashtag

hastag# at night I paint your childs face with "sleep" from my eye gob

hash tag shchinderlers list lie

cOMING THIS FRIDAY/Monday 15th April 1996 at Frank chapman
more Illustration ill sun implusions frigagandaps

if I feel up to tit hahhhahaha moist pants, I have moist pants.

Here is a ILLOMAGRAPGH, FURDAN, OV Olive from the HAgrID Kuds

Unable to locate any oxford comma's in document.
Bottome line

hash tag#
free Rollph Hagrids!!!
So Joshua was never really my son...
ce le vie


  1. No seriously Mate I cant name one single black peson in Battlestar!!! I defy you to name one

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. dear sir
    I used to wotch gaius baltarstar galecticles on my typewriter, and there were black characters such as thoze played by Colin Lawrence and Lorena Gale. and also Colin Lawrence and Lorena Gale. and also Colin Lawrence and Lorena Gale as well.

  4. Also the Olympic Carrier was from the planet Nigeria 3.

  5. Also, the Olympic Carrier has a cameo on Interstellar. If you watch the credits backwards while chewing a candle with your shin skin, it appears in your mother's handbag/purse/cave/dimension.


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