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Today I'b sad cos I missing my period .   It has been 56 days since I last did my boyfriend inside me but I fear the wost. Me and Gene did it standing up and his grandadads have said it was best way to conceeve but I not ready for an kid.  Can anyboyu offer advice on howyto make a lotof money from my drawing fast becorze I knee to provide for my childe.

Gutnyte and god bless youa lls
Helop everoen just got back ohmes frum holiday with mum nd dad more stuff to comh on mi blig sson promuse

Chain of Command - kermitz plague

good morning internets. this is another poxture I would would liie to shazrewith you. It is my own artiztix representatior of an episode of Star Trenk the next generatio, the famous episode where picard is tortuted to death and sees only 4 lights when we the viewers noe there am 5.
this scene hen gom tor a lort of resonance with me as I want went to Great bridge and was tortured by an cardassian in the outdoor market. I would limeto dedicatio this omage to me mum who is asleep next to me n the planehome to ireland and she loves frogs and spaceships. My name is roman Iwant to print this when I get back and sing Marisa Tomei's name at the candle I have installed in pit 15. thank you for your attention Just as I was abortionto press PUBLISH POST my dad come top to me and asked igf I want a bite to eat. i've said yes thanks will the cockle and pickled egg be my christmo present and he sqid not it I behave, so plean say help to me some time as me in pos yup qurd



i fern saw his face on Cheers trhen layer on Cheers again and then on gullivers travels. he's a clever man. did you know ten dan is the offivcil inventor of toilet paper? 17>

every time i wipe my bumz i fink of his face,lovely bvroad shoulders, glint ing eyes, powerful manly teeth, and sainsburys shower curtain plasma dax 17

hahahaha not reallyu- if i mut him thugh I often fink if I would have fainted. he had Diane, rebecca, and Woddy. they all made love in space statzion 17.

goodnight fellow unions illustrationers, I hope you have a good februatry 17


This Week Am ON hoLiday with my parents Frank and sophir agentinas we are holidaysing in Smith.

So i was tasked with funding a scanner amma paper doll to put my entrie foy this weks ullustratron fridayday up on the intrewebs.

Forontunatley i found one. In the receptionsists chest.

I found miseave ponding whst to do. Then it struck me do what I do Best "JAZZ Artt fest"

Abri cadabri me dad says as he treats me to another of your delicious yoghurt hands.

So here is my pirce. I rushed the text as I only Had AscCEs to the Hoterl compunter for 30 miles.

Exhaustiend i was.



ill or stray lion fry day - : A Drift

Hello or here I am ill again

This is my entry for this week. For Inspire me thursday,

The word adrift instantly reminded me of a episode of Star Trenk the NEwt generation, quite pobably the best tv show ever made.

In series 7 there am an episode callde Parallels where worf goes through lots of parallel dimensions and at the end shitloads of enterprises from alternating dimensions break through and all start coming together, DRIFTING AROUND. when I firstsaw this episoe when I was but 8 yars old, the image of all those NNC 1701-D Enterprises burnt forever onto me minds eye. I know it's not the most original thing to simply draw an image from Star Trek the Next Generatio, but when theew word Adrift were released, I couldnt gret this image of my mind - i couldnt eat, i couldnt sleep, it had to be done. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :):): ):) :