Chain of Command - kermitz plague

 good morning internets. this is another poxture I would would liie to shazrewith you. It is my own artiztix representatior of an episode of Star Trenk the next generatio, the famous episode where picard is tortuted to death and sees only 4 lights when we the viewers noe there am 5.
this scene hen gom tor a lort of resonance with me as I want went to Great bridge and was tortured by an cardassian in the outdoor market.
I would limeto dedicatio this omage to me mum who is asleep next to me n the planehome to ireland and she loves frogs and spaceships.
My name is roman
Iwant to print this when I get back and sing Marisa Tomei's name at the candle I have installed in pit 15. thank you for your attention
Just as I was abortionto press PUBLISH POST my dad come top to me and asked igf I want a bite to eat. i've said yes thanks will the cockle and pickled egg be my christmo present and he sqid not it I behave, so plean say help to me some time as me in pos yup qurd


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