Ten ages if Cher

Like you, I am a big fan iof Chair. I think she ist wondergul and I want to be like her. I have made this lovelyt poster for my girlfriend that clearly stats out all the many guises f Cher of what she had had had over te many years she's been alive ince she began her singing career in the 1960s.

A lot of peope dnot like that she has had plastic sergeries on her face like, bu I aplaude her and say all we women should have these thins done to us, whether we like it or not.

Who is Chair I here you ask. Chair is a fabnastik sing who am been around ince before I wuz even coming out of my moms birth canal.  my mom used to like Chair until she found out Chair had been a man in a previous life. I wuz like, "Mom, leave her alone,m she had a hard life singing all them songs, i think she's an angel". My mom agrees with me now. I once saw Chair in the Wednesbury branch of Ethel Austin and she smiled at me and said she was after some bargain stockings to put her face in at night. I sed you can have mine, and I whipped off my stockings and the woman behind the till said I had a lovely pair of pyjamas

I SAID i AM NOT A SHOPLIFTER, LEAVE ME ALION! And chair was saying I should go next door to Supersaver and buy a speedboat to put in my moms coffee

goodnight all


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