Update Pak 2 nbk

Having been away so long i really do have a lot of things to catch up on with regardsyto how I am to tell you about them.
 Last month when I was gfeeling down I went to Walsall art gallery in Willhenhal and met there the most loveluiest art historeiin. His name is Doncaster Pete and is most famous for his well-lonwon book "Voyage of the Michael Dorntreader" he is on Facebook and asks that you please asdd him nbut not his mother who am poorly with apricote and putney tunes.

Here is a picture taken on our canal; walk

He is a good man and says that my artistic ambitions are well-founded and that if I try really hard I can be a successful artist. i have done some new drawig with my newgirlfriend and will be adddddding htem zoon9. 


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