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Is it acceptable to pretend to be black under any circumstance?

Blackface, in general, refers to theatrical makeup, used primarily on white actors, to portray stereotypical images of people of African descent.   The makeup, often made from burnt cork, grease paint or shoe polish, is applied in an over-exaggerated fashion. Bright red and white pigments are also used to fabricate big lips and bulging eyes.  
In 19th century America, popular entertainment included minstrel song and dance routines, meant to depict blacks as shiftless drifters or happy-go-lucky tricksters. In addition to blackface, these thespians wore tattered clothing and dusty woolen wigs to complete the caricatures. The minstrel shows were so popular that even black artists resigned to performing in blackface to draw audiences and, perhaps, a living wage. In the years to follow, worldwide images of blackface infiltrated performing arts, literature, print media, home furnishings and animation. Perennial marketing icons, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are merely softened versi…
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Streng toast anomoly

I wish to make it known that this morning i baked some bread in meine toaster with the ambitions of making a toast. this was for ma breakfast.

wHen the toast has poppers out of my toasting device accros the kitche I walked to collect muip toast, noly to find that it contained the image of Patricia Rutledge of Keeping Up Appearances fame. I have scanned a picture of mi toast and here it ims...

instead of eating it I put it in a jiffy bag and posted it tho his royal hieighness the pope of italy because this fucking apparition is specuaal and I feel needs concecratinhg with a slice of warm butter, dipped in the pope's mouth and spread before a congregation of fuckers. I love toast I hope you love toast too. Peace and fucking y'allvcv

Weird how one frinds toast in the image of peoples faces V for Vendetta but the review was inc