Streng toast anomoly

I wish to make it known that this morning i baked some bread in meine toaster with the ambitions of making a toast. this was for ma breakfast.

wHen the toast has poppers out of my toasting device accros the kitche I walked to collect muip toast, noly to find that it contained the image of Patricia Rutledge of Keeping Up Appearances fame. I have scanned a picture of mi toast and here it ims...

instead of eating it I put it in a jiffy bag and posted it tho his royal hieighness the pope of italy because this fucking apparition is specuaal and I feel needs concecratinhg with a slice of warm butter, dipped in the pope's mouth and spread before a congregation of fuckers. I love toast I hope you love toast too. Peace and fucking y'allvcv

Weird how one frinds toast in the image of peoples faces V for Vendetta but the review was inc


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