I have daydre4ams

The other day

The o

The other day I wasked asked go I would like to fuck neat canal by Walsall Art5 Gallery, out of Nab Manders and Jib Bloblands. I found a bruise inside my legs.
I answered rhetorically "Regretably, I haven't the slightest idea as to who I would most desire sexual congress with, but rest assured I shall endeavour to educate myself to such a standard that I can respond to your query with maximum pertenance." My mait qas like "wtf" but actuals said letters "w"   "t"   "f"  as if he was reading randobbs from sheepers.


her breath was quiet and shellow like a burnt Rab C Nesbit.  Ifg hwer body were a concoction of checmicles, then surely she would have no aversion to my havng cum all over her homework


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