did I ever tells you about my boyfriend Mat Nandos? He was responsible fo the sperm part that made my baby - as we all know my 'raising a child successfully' project didnt pan out in the end due to some problems, but anyway, love can build a bridge.

me and Mat Nandos broke up a while back fter my baby ceased to function, but I have ti admit that the time i spent with him left me doubting his entenshions. for instance, for a leving he drew comics and made his money that way. the day we broke up i tooks this photo of his desk 
i want to draw your attention to all THE FUCKING TERRIBLE SHIT GOING ON HIS iDESK

see if you can spot all of the stupid things this cunt got wrong.

now i want a real man, like this tub of stupid ass sweat

god just look at his tits man, theyre so sweat a juice, theyre ripe for the squeezing

next week I can get my clit pearced, so says my best mate anwyay. apparenzly you have to wait until leap years to get your vagina slashed open and a piece of metal smashed in. i canny wait lovers.

lovers you allsv


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