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Joshuels Redemption Part: XII

My dead babys Joshowels has facebook deleted me from his chum units.  Please Joshums please add you mother Stan & Laurel back onto your freinds queue.  Mum-bone is so sorree that her breast-pegs failed to load and you recevied a 404 page error wen yuo tried to feed on my milk baps. 

I know I have been trying too hard lately to cement mummy a career in comic book construction but is very hard when your palpable cunt son Jofusuahs keeps been the biggest cunting cunter of mummys lives. 

Mummy sad.  Joshuers not more dead :(

Stay tuned fro mor ILL SON STRAIGHT SON FRY DONS this friday,BLIGS.

This week on illustration fristag the werd was JUNGLE I think.
I like jungle music, I like to dance to it while thinking of my baby Josha=uauaua.


sometimes my thumb rap[e me in the sleep of night but i please dont confuse m with tin trout thanks?
 oh did anyone see coldplays last entree for ill face tron 2 the movie last week it was well mofo christ I built thes city on rock and coal fabs? No didnt I eithers but i lov e my jugs soft and cm  milky with fun cums fslling out of  thems


This week illusrtations Fry days word was ROBERT.

Do you remember Robot Worton? Wot about RObot FARMER? How about ROBOT?
Well, I remember them all. Like weetabix lodged in my stomach. This things nevor leaf you.

So anywipes, Ill Fry sad to us today that we should draw some robots. I was like "dude, I got my fuken kids to feed". Then Ill Fry said "Dude your kid Joshua dyed 2 years ago". And I was all like "oh yeah, hahahahaha". Kids do the funniest things lmfao

Did I tell you mi Nob was the Blue peter dog for 6 years during the last days of "MILK GO GOOD WITH ALCHOLOHL"
cemented in time foreverrrr

Joshueas found my birth ceritificates and relised I was not his dad/flash drive.  He plenty mad and throwued me off a ginger kite.

Moral of the story?  Friday.

the rock the rock
  the r ock is my faverite lover. Do you remember back in 1993 when the new beaNO book had been relassed by Abraj? my 4th father in moth tycoon goth sai I should stop telling pe…