This week illusrtations Fry days word was ROBERT.

Do you remember Robot Worton? Wot about RObot FARMER? How about ROBOT?
Well, I remember them all. Like weetabix lodged in my stomach. This things nevor leaf you.

So anywipes, Ill Fry sad to us today that we should draw some robots. I was like "dude, I got my fuken kids to feed". Then Ill Fry said "Dude your kid Joshua dyed 2 years ago". And I was all like "oh yeah, hahahahaha". Kids do the funniest things lmfao

Did I tell you mi Nob was the Blue peter dog for 6 years during the last days of "MILK GO GOOD WITH ALCHOLOHL"
cemented in time foreverrrr

Joshueas found my birth ceritificates and relised I was not his dad/flash drive.  He plenty mad and throwued me off a ginger kite.

Moral of the story?  Friday.

the rock
the rock

  the r ock is my faverite lover. Do you remember back in 1993 when the new beaNO book had been relassed by Abraj? my 4th father in moth tycoon goth sai I should stop telling pen pen pen pen penn & teller

Back in the year fortnight ago my grandad grandgad gaydrander granny-dad downloaded illegally from tesco milton keynes the film Donnie darkgoes starring me favourite male actker Jake city of gylleenguilds.  I watch 4?. times?. I guess and on the filth time my vaginer said " BLOODY 'ELL THE RED ONE's abou to Blow. and it did.  Sandwich everywhere.

Told you?


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