Saturday, 24 August 2013

Fat cunt Flipperday

Here's my latest cunt file

Vun just entered the room so I must benter IF without looking at wat I typers

Please refrain from using my spinal column as a wineglass you arse tre
I have a deep confesson to make Illocrayonstation freemandysoners:

Ive been blind as long as I can remember the only way I can see these days is if I promise Pa I'll draw some more ILL CASTRATION FLEM DONS only then will he   take the blindfold and the restrictive head restraint off and allow me to have a Greggs Sausage roll and draw some Ruddy Comic.  One day I'll forget what real life looks like like fer instanse the character of ARMUS I was trying to draw a Tractor on dialysis  but it came out all wong.  Still Ive got me health...farther usually remembers to put the antidote into my kennel food moist ngihts.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Romarm?

    How do you come up with such dynamic fonts you bloody Cow?