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I re-invent the

What is rong with THe Beano these days ???  that's what I ask myself everytime I sit on my toilet staring at the A6 framed picture of david Schwimmer I have above my bathroom vomit/piss sank.

david refused to sign said pikturr and dvd boxset of disc one of Band of Brothers box set.  he said and I quote

        "fuck off"

Anyway this got me thinking what the flying fuckery is wrong with the old dead bost beano i used to love yesteryear?

you know what it is ?    No bneither do i thanks for the blogging.  enjouy

Illustration Holes on friday you plum!

This weeks word is SPACE.... Here's mi filth...

joshuashes my dead son, he is a copyright of mine.  Last week joshuers got his penis caught in my pencil case while he wuz eplorning the washint moshchine for dead legs of my wasp collection.  sadly jushueashrs died a 14th time this time and sadly cannot be regenerated agin this samstag.

URL is dying .com Fridazzz Part: 4

My dead sohn jushwers has been grounded.  he hgas been a very nawty boy i caught him vomitting into an arcade fire CD his arms and legs all scrunched up inta iz belly like a spider does when it's in it's final deaath vomit.
I said son! what da FUCJK are you a doing?!

His response?   and I'll neveor forget it as long as I live

So that's my entrery for illustarion firday this week foldks see you nexrt weeck ;)

Ill Egg street Friggers TaDOO.5

Forgot to enters the last few weeks Illinformation fridays due to Joshuashs birth controls running rampant in lower manhatton.