ant bee wasp centipedophile

i love love love LOVE LOVE drawing cartooons strips

here's one I drew on my holiday to the little vi,llage of russia, which

do you remember how russia used to have a [prridge festival in Great Bridge town hall every toosday night? My grandpa used to take mt here as child. he used to sit me on his lap and say "listen grandadughter, always remember where you come from,,,never forget who yu am,,,

tardigrades playing a banjo forever. Gustav Holst wrote the planets whil having a lovely moist dump on his sisters toilet/bath

anyw5 heres my ne cartoons

finally tonight I wana tella youa bout some paranomrlal things what I pleasantly read on the rtanie arlier (coming back from my haircut in Debehams)

It seems there's been a sighting of Hank Azari from Break Bad at Borely church. Borely church is a fucking church building in borely which in in Essex England

this m are picture of it

nowm, it transpires (please keep reading) that the church was so badly hunted by Hank (please keep readnig) that they called in paranormal investigator (please keep reading ) Richard Felix.

I can only relay to you what I reed alert ont he News of th World paper earlier, but apprently they want setting up a shot of Richy Felix to put in the paper, when the inadvent cort a ghostly aparition of Hank. I'll (please keep reading) post the image on here in just a second (please keep reading) but I would advise that before you look that you (p[lease keep reading) make sure your kids are in your bed here they arm safe (please keep (please keep reading) keep reading) and then turn the lights off so you can see all the detail wit an eye and make an informd desizixon

here it is

i dont know about bowels you *(please) but I'[m convinced this is the ghost opf my dead son Joshuas, not Hank Atari.

anywaibes, i gorra go to bed now as I wanne be up in time to watch corronoation street with my dads' heart on a stick

goop nighters


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