Ginger caTS and ///

I dreugh another comic today. This one is entitled How to Ggrow am bEARD.

My latest daughter Lunt suggested I drore abiout facial hair for a few weeks. This is that result of that workloads..

I went home to my mems house for a bite of her sandwich tonight and when I chewed it the belly of Jesus!

I put prozac in my son's cott death agen. I couldnt help itself I had to knoe ha to see, had to feel the anguish of painkillers being ripped out of Caroline Leech's flesh sockets.

Please help me, I'm so lonely. My kids dont understand me,,,i try to tell em about their dad (hoo they neva met cos he was a ninja star maker) but all they eva do is tell me I'm their mum. I KNOW I'M THEIR FUCKEN MOMS! Why do they have to keep telling me.

Oh, and get this right, last monday Joshua told me iz converting to muslim. Why would he want to stop being a lovely christian and join the church of muslim? They have to fucking prey 4 times a day, while facing eastenders.

I'm so slonely.

I'm so slope

I found a Bernjimin Sisko flavoured lollypop online. to finds it Please click here.

Oh, this comnic is about beards and has a strong reference to the TV Lost and the TV Star Trek. My favourite cat is the cat wit the ginger frame


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