Joshua jp[egs on telly for my painful sins

As ALL of you will know my baby Josher jo jok joor passed off earlers this year.  as his paternal momok i was nature sad, but eye have now bin given Star Wars A New Hope as my moms grtandson (Joshua) has been seen on TV's biggest crimewatch show: Most Haunted AS A FUCKEN GHOST!!!. I have a friend called Greg who runs a business capturing jpgs from the telly and cos it was specunt circumsishems he said he would do 3 screen captures for me (the person writing this). I will narrative the pictures, please read aloud and imkagine the photoghts are moving with voices and shit like as if you woz wotrching thr tv/rtelly/box/set/gogglebox/cunt pill.

If you would like to buy any of these pictures of my dead ghost baby, please email me at my post code.

Screenprint 1 ($449.95)
in this picture A Vet Feel Ding is in what looks liKe a room. One can see that her is looking at summat and has missed the first appearance of my son, precariously peeking round the fucking table - always with his ball, always with his ball, always with hisd ball. Key Renault Keef is oblivious to the appetiser but that medium man (sorry sexy I cant remember yur name) seems to sense that my mixed-race offspring is lookedin.

Screenprint 2 ($420.55)
now in tuuesday one joshua has obviously got fucking angry at bean miossed in the first moment so it looks to me like he's trying to get close to the camera/cameraman. i think since he's been on the over side he's learnt to finally rotate his body by the 90 degrees demanded by the Geneva convention, for which his previous inability to do lead to him being blinded at birth.

Screenprint 3 ($680.01)
In this pic (thnks Greg) A Vet Feel Ding and Do Wreck A Car Rah are no longer in what we would term as 'normal space time'  and have in fact steped into Dimension 22 (where I usually buy my dads breath)  and even though theyve gone here my son has followed. this time he has a little red glow in his eyes. I hope he's not gone evil. oh I do hope he isnt eveil now. oh I do hope he isnt my best friends cargo containeder this no longer.

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ANYWAY s wnyabody who has recently lost a lved one, plean takle solaice in my story - it is proof that life goes on and on and on etc forever, and in heaven the angels pick ther snot out of your ears and feed it to ht ret

"THATs enough Mantooth" I yelled. "you cant geep doing this to my family, there will be consequences". that shut him up.s


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