Ill Um Plum plups and the secret illuminators

Hello freaders

so I was like, reading through this week's ilustrartion fridays entrys earlier and it suddenlty dawned on me and my friends that illustration frisday has been secretly showing its allegiance to the worse secret society in history. i've been completing the illustrator friday competition for nearly 14 years, so I cant beliece I never notuiced it before.

it's the illuminato!

hello re1.

i have tried to contact the chief executive of illustrator friday 5 minutes ago and cant seem to get any resposne to my faxes. eye therefore have decided that I.F. you can't beat em, joim them. IO would therefre like this post to serve as my applicator for the illuminato. I would like to join cos I  know their watchuing and well yeah just let me in. my CV can be provided if needed and I have many references from back in my school days that i can provide over here if nestessery.

oh,. anne for the record Dan Brown is a lovely lovely man, I like him quite a very much and i beliee the moon landing was faked on 9/11, so my mind is open to your stuff too.


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