Only fools and dak acid werk

Hello Starship troopers I am Roman Truipths. Welcome to my blog

Today I drid a comic enttted Post it Wars

Famous figures from the 80s not convincted of being peedophiles (yet) are as follows:

Noel Edmunds
Paul Daniels
Bob Monkhouse
Les Dawson
Russ Abbott
Keith Chegwin
Gordon the Gopher

To celebrate all these famous celebs who never fiddled with kikds, here's my latest com ic.

  but in the last episode Q returns to judge humanity and pulls Picard through 3 time zones. There's one seen where Tasha is back. I made me adf my unckle cry when we fust sore it.
here's a lovely snippet from that epilsode@:

god, the man in this tfllowing video is so sexy. so very very vun sex

maxumum crime overdrive 


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