i'm sorry i swore in my last post

i would like to issue a heart felt apology for the angry words in my previous post. I'm incredibly pre-menstrual at the moment. Ive not had a sex for several monfs and my hormones am all ofver the shop.

talking of shops, does anybody here remember Woolworths? Before Gordon Brown smashed the economy into the side of a cliff that shop used to be open and people uswd to go in and buy things with money. What kinds of things I hear you ask? Well, shoes, spoons, socks, sanders, sandwiches, sunglasses, basically anything beginning with a es

anyway, not having any cock to cram up my fuckin cunt (sozzry for more swearing) of late I've been spilling my female sperms bydrawing till I cant bleed any more.

heres another comic I found at ym bus sherlter

our bus

o rbh

our bus shelter has a name. she's called Michael Stamp

anyway, i gotta log off forever now as I'm feeling a suicide attack coming on


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