jOSHUA ISNT my deathsraets

Heelow reader s

Whe I was a small boy growing upo in african, my mom told me I should never put blades of black grass up my vagina as it angered satan

Well I'm 52 now, and a lot of water has passed over the damn, oscar wylde, so    I me thinks I would do a comik about my dead son JOSHAS as I still andrea corr get him out my thoughts;;; sometimes I lay awakew in bed thicking baout the time I done a poo of him out of my vagina doors, and I loved him so much, it was like billions of years of evolutionary programming in my genes had forced me to loive him....and Richard Dawkins always says religion ist wrong and evolution ios true so I blieve him

Anyway, last weekend at Miker & Carter Carvery I had a fabous

ISAs are  agood wqay to save casheys

 ds                                               youtube link not

               forced imself on me and when my dad found out b oth my parents died from ovrdosding of clean water. Frsotbite, 1997, Frasier season 4, Mr Blackband wasnt happy

I really dont have time to explai the image above, I'm too busy to write stuff

Have you guysa seen that new channel thats appearsed on TV? Channel 4? When did that start existinging? I turnefd on my television machine last night and there it were, "Channel 4" starring Derren Brown and lots of Embrasing Body Body shows,

,,what the fuck bria Coxc pleat explain the meaning of relationships@@ sriously, we get into them but they are for what? Sex? Love? I gave birth to a baby that I knew wud die but I still went ahead with aborting at Frank Chapman clinic beta, so WOT'S YOUIR MIND WORTH? FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU

bRIAn may will u do you fandango on my sisters boilnig cunt oils?

My name is Romaine TRUIPTHS. Doe you have a name? If you doe, [lease fogg off ad leaf me any my mom alone. My mom os called Alexey Sayle and she likes driving trains up the fog tunbe

I gorra gorra go now luvs, my swollen pregnant belly flesh has caught fire, I mist extinguish it with a pile of your teeths


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