Netflix and Chill with my son

last friday weekend I read a novel by Daniel Beatles and about flot revolver mini disk alpha

i have decided to done another comicd this wewek about some serious abuse that hapopened to my thumb when I was as a kildren

it wererte te year 1945 and IO was at PITMASTERN COLLEGE FOR GIFTED CUNTs and other songs, and I met me ymost beautiful friend ever,. hiks name was KOON HUK WUNK and we had many memories - memories that, no I fink about it, where like out children

we finally divcoered our presences when KNOCK HOOK WRONG told me he thort Nick Drake was a plastic lump embedded in his matress

i later heard from the train driver than KNoo HGun WGon has runned off and got married to a masher potatu while jamming hot jam donuts into the slipstream warp modifications. To this end, pleag accept my comic as atonement for my wasply woghly KOOP HOOP WOOP


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