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My Name is Roman and You Won't Believe What Happened Next

I'm sop sorret for click baiting you into my windows messenger like this, but please examine some photos I took of my daughters during a recent school trimppers to Francis Chaplins

I THOUGH TO MESELF, i Walways wittering on about my son JOSHUAS, its time to introduce you to the rest of me family/clan/progeny/offpsing/afterbirth shit blobs, so here's me other kidz n shit

 1. These are my daughters Terry and Martha. Martha like to fart onto black bacon while Terry used to be a shed roof designer but lately the two of them have worked out a new way to stiumulate bottom fat plumping technologys

2. This iam my daughter JANICE RAND - shes got a severely defformed cujnt flap - the dr mario said she needs to have it all whipped off with a chainsaw - I saw let her live with her fucking hrrobiles distortiokns

3. This am my daughter Natalie Unique - LOOK AT DEM SHITTY TITS - theyre fucking crap - she didnt inherit the from me, mine are pendulous and feel like tesco carrier bags full of…

Private Kirk and the Pile of Scabs



so when I wa a small irish boy growing up in canada dry i used to dream about blerting at meine high schloss...Mr Wickes would prank me and myine friends in the kloibrary byb slotting his greasy sausage into my exhaustion disorderts

DID you GO to SCHOOL? cos I did AND it WAS fucking PAINFUL



roberLO wrottern and CHrimp Emacns would watch me do break dancing in the shower

When Joshuashuashua was born out of my ripped skin holes bhe said to me he said, "Moms, I gotta go, i corr stay here, I gotta be a man"

I turned to him and I said, I said "Son, you are out of me, you must dagger the world and take dad to shower school >"

He turned his legs to me an said, he said "Dad, why doe you selecb rate christmas any moreB"?

I turned to him and I said to him, i said right at his fat funky postules "YOU ART NO SON OF MINE

hahsahshs that reminds me of ythat comedy song by Divine Comedy You Art NO Sonerth of Mineth. hears a…

Netflix and Chill with my son

last friday weekend I read a novel by Daniel Beatles and about flot revolver mini disk alpha

i have decided to done another comicd this wewek about some serious abuse that hapopened to my thumb when I was as a kildren

it wererte te year 1945 and IO was at PITMASTERN COLLEGE FOR GIFTED CUNTs and other songs, and I met me ymost beautiful friend ever,. hiks name was KOON HUK WUNK and we had many memories - memories that, no I fink about it, where like out children

we finally divcoered our presences when KNOCK HOOK WRONG told me he thort Nick Drake was a plastic lump embedded in his matress
i later heard from the train driver than KNoo HGun WGon has runned off and got married to a masher potatu while jamming hot jam donuts into the slipstream warp modifications. To this end, pleag accept my comic as atonement for my wasply woghly KOOP HOOP WOOP