My Name is Roman and You Won't Believe What Happened Next

 I'm sop sorret for click baiting you into my windows messenger like this, but please examine some photos I took of my daughters during a recent school trimppers to Francis Chaplins

I THOUGH TO MESELF, i Walways wittering on about my son JOSHUAS, its time to introduce you to the rest of me family/clan/progeny/offpsing/afterbirth shit blobs, so here's me other kidz n shit

 1. These are my daughters Terry and Martha. Martha like to fart onto black bacon while Terry used to be a shed roof designer but lately the two of them have worked out a new way to stiumulate bottom fat plumping technologys

2. This iam my daughter JANICE RAND - shes got a severely defformed cujnt flap - the dr mario said she needs to have it all whipped off with a chainsaw - I saw let her live with her fucking hrrobiles distortiokns

3. This am my daughter Natalie Unique - LOOK AT DEM SHITTY TITS - theyre fucking crap - she didnt inherit the from me, mine are pendulous and feel like tesco carrier bags full of garden waste - she aye my daughter geneticakllky I doe thing

4. This is my daughter Fleggy. She has horrible taste in t-shirts and dresses but I gotter admire her taste in shocks. she took a photo of me holding a camera while thrusting out an undigested sparrow last winter - we have her pubic hairs welded to our front door to dscare away the postmens

5. THIA IS A DAUGHTER CALLERF "NAKED SHIT" SHE'S MY LEASTEST fevaourites daughter cos bshe got married to a jungle when she was 5 days old. I had no say in the matter so I think when I dowload the new remastered version of Terminator 2 I will forbid her from ENTERING m y chameber

6. Finally this is my daughter JAPP and her BROTHER (My son) KEVINS

I really like the way they treat each other in such gentle ways, and like good kids they only exist in black and white - thats exactly how my grtandparenbts brought me up when I was a 30 year old teenager living in a bucked of wasp bile in spain


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