A Dissertation on Dr Fox

Happy christmas, tombstone lovers,

The other schoolnight I was really tired so I put on some Star Trek Voyager to help me fall asleep when I was captivated by the doctor cherctor they hav on it, a doctor by the name of Doctor Dr Fox

"Thats strange I thougrt to myself. why would you name a televibion charater after a shamed radio DJ who (although cleared of not being a fucking PEEDO) it is still a risky thing for Rick Berman to do.

Rick Berman is the man who invented sTar TRrek. It was during the great London Stink of 1858 when Rickerman Berman realised the londoners needed something to take trheir noses off the stench, so he and his best friend Peter Hitchens decided to invep a televibion show called Strak Trers.

Skip forward eight thousand years and the franchise was airing a series called VOyager starring Captain Ben Sick, and an array of other flavoured chaereotors...this brniugs me to my point

The best cerecter on Voyalger was Dr Fox. Why? I hear you say;; hears my dissertation.

Why is Dr Fox the Best Star Trek Captain

  1. What a a stupid fucking question. hes the best because he's a lovely boy. suck a lovely boy. He's always pleasant to the other inmates and unlike his real world name sake, he's yet to be accused of raping kids on the radio.
  2. Also, when he's having an emotion in his facial platforms his smile strtched his face out of human proportions. to my mind this makes he the most relatble female on the entire star trek!
  3. Youre fuckig wrong about McCoy being the best star trek.

Here's a picture of him (Doctor fox) I just have found on pornhub, where his face is so happy that the corners of his mouh have filled with venom and jutted out away from his eyes to prevent cross-contaminations

Has Dr Fox ever wistnessed screams?

  1. YEs he has. He fought in the cardassian border wars in the past and when they sank the Belgrano he heard a scream. He's reported as saying its the worst thing hes ever heard
  2. When Fox was born, his mom had already been burnd to death 6 weeks earlier so he never got to enjoy her birth pang exultations
  3. George McFly is no relation to George Cole or Leonard McCoy 

Here's another picture of the late doctor. in this sketch he's swallowed a bomb and it's destroyed the connective tissues under his face. to be honest if this happened to me I dont think I could look myself in ythe morrir

Does Docters Fox know I exist?

  1. Yes, he told me he liked what you did with that wrecked bicycle. Fox is a keen cyclist and once raced in the Tour de France with a packet of his dead cat's snot around his necks
  2. No, he nver existed in real likfe. Only joking. He really does like with you did with that wrecked bike
  3. When Fox steers his bike into really young school kids he's doig it to scare the devil out of them. Fox is a keen believer in keeping the devil at bay wih fear, so really when you think about it, when he ploughed that motorbike into that vulcan child, althought a lot of the skin couldn't be replaced at least the devil will never possess that child
heres a pictutre i discovered on the dark webs. not sure wy this one isnt all over facebook to be honest

Does Dr Fox listen to the Eurythmics?

  1. Sopmetimes. this is a sore subject because on the USS Voyager, Annie Lennox was routinely raped in her sleep by borg nanites and it was upto Fox to cure her arm holes
  2. Fun fact! IN 1983, Dr Fox sang backing vocals on Ebony and Ivory. It's not a Eurythmics song but thought you should be aware
  3. In the episode of Voyager NX-01 the crew had to wake Fox up after he's been asleep for over a 3 week and when he woke up his antics were extemely criminal. Not only did he punch Anno Lennox in her cats wind pipes but he told Charles Tuckshop the 3rd to force his ant shop into administration

Here' a final illustration of Dr Fox from the final epoisopde of Star. Teyk?

Ythis is the image that brings the most happiness to my existence. Also my son Joshua's ne wife is pregnant with their first child. Apparently according to the scans it's a girl but I still want them to name the kid Dr Fox.

Do you think this is a good name? PLease vote using te buttons below to state your fuckerg opnions

Dr Fox was written out of VOyager NX-01 after 3 episodes when the shuttle craft he was carrying turned out to be an alien virus that enveloped his soul cack. I understnd Ron D Moore is in talks wit Disney to bring a Dr Fox movie to theatres but Its been stuck in develoipment hell for 18 yeasrds

Anyway, thats hat I like about FOX. I'm sure when youre drinking a pint of milk tonight you'll toast to this extraordinary cancer. goodnight and

god bless my friends


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