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kchice...We all av chices in life

tghis is my entree for MSN's latest advertising slugon for MSN 2011 hopestleey I wull gett the JOb:3:11

me art historien FEINDd Rwanda Pete gouache hellPD with the FOnts on this particuuntar pice thanks pete

ill OH stray LION fry DAY!

I HAVE BEEN entereds Startship Friday for as lonk as I recalber. This week I decided tyo do a picture of a drawing that featers something that relates to the topic offered by Penelope Cruz.

This man is a asweaters.

please send me m essages with  test words

please text me your mobile numbers. IO can be reackered on 0121 502 2097
One sick puppy? I told her to buite her own cock off, force feed it to her gran, punch her gran in the stomach till it sicks up, then feed that to her 19 month odl baby.

you sicker? please quote me happys

joshua hasnt died yet part IX

my 3-part black son Joshua hsa been having several/many/multiple adventures of laters,

here he is with my latest boyfriuernd getting into all sorts of mischief. you cant see in this photo, but Joshua 18 had just watched Little Britain and needed a desk poo reall bad, so my husbands let him crap under tt desks

Anoth excuse storing is when joShua TRee was  having his hairs combed by my husbands/boyfriend coffee handsers ----- >>

And finally, this poiucture is when Joshn was with my huspand and my sister A Dell Laptop:

 PLEase comment or my son will kill himself by hurling himself down my unprotected stairs

BUT THE LOCAL spar wouldnt let me buy plasters for my deceased wifes

I have daydre4ams

The other day

The o

The other day I wasked asked go I would like to fuck neat canal by Walsall Art5 Gallery, out of Nab Manders and Jib Bloblands. I found a bruise inside my legs.
I answered rhetorically "Regretably, I haven't the slightest idea as to who I would most desire sexual congress with, but rest assured I shall endeavour to educate myself to such a standard that I can respond to your query with maximum pertenance." My mait qas like "wtf" but actuals said letters "w"   "t"   "f"  as if he was reading randobbs from sheepers.


her breath was quiet and shellow like a burnt Rab C Nesbit.  Ifg hwer body were a concoction of checmicles, then surely she would have no aversion to my havng cum all over her homework

love sexy day tags

cholaates Todae ov mostling bin eating rich ecspenxive

love my pet EELS mo byees


Hi lads und lassys x

backIm again been holfdaying with spez cuzin in ibiffa.

hers me enttrie fo ths weeks Illumstated fridags.

I must say the audacious quality that persists weekly within the Illustration Friday community confounds my discerning eye on a prevalent basis.

i hopew to ,me amrrarried asoon byee,

by the wai people ples stop logggingg intow mi accont blog i cor change the fact mi little broder put my log in details up on me blog. my.  so If people can ignor it & not read it the n not Log in with it in the blog post 3 down I would aprecciate it large  thankS.