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My Review of Star Trek Last Jedi

Heelow pupils. Ive not long come back from das kino having watched thelatest Face Wars movib and I wanted to give my own spoiler-filled revioo of what I jkust sin
A smeny of you whill now I'm a huge bopbby harrel wars fan, having grown up with Force Awkens as a childD. The light sabre battlke with beitween Christopher Skywalken and Lester Piggot it once of my all time favourite dip
The opens with the usual title card, the one that we're all familiar with:

Personally I think this was a mnistake right off the bat. Not only are they treading the same terririty as before but it's totally disloyal to the character of Luke SKywalker. They're fucking cunts. Georgie Lucas must be spinning in his graves! The rest of the film is a pile of a shit! I can't believe anybody like it, it's fucking rubbish. The acting is like somebody has taken a pint of shit and rammed it down my unborn kids throat in front of me while I meself on my deathbed …

A Dissertation on Dr Fox

Happy christmas, tombstone lovers,

The other schoolnight I was really tired so I put on some Star Trek Voyager to help me fall asleep when I was captivated by the doctor cherctor they hav on it, a doctor by the name of Doctor Dr Fox

"Thats strange I thougrt to myself. why would you name a televibion charater after a shamed radio DJ who (although cleared of not being a fucking PEEDO) it is still a risky thing for Rick Berman to do.

Rick Berman is the man who invented sTar TRrek. It was during the great London Stink of 1858 when Rickerman Berman realised the londoners needed something to take trheir noses off the stench, so he and his best friend Peter Hitchens decided to invep a televibion show called Strak Trers.

Skip forward eight thousand years and the franchise was airing a series called VOyager starring Captain Ben Sick, and an array of other flavoured chaereotors...this brniugs me to my point

The best cerecter on Voyalger was Dr Fox. Why? I hear you say;; hears my dissertati…