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Fat cunt Flipperday

Here's my latest cunt file

Vun just entered the room so I must benter IF without looking at wat I typers

Please refrain from using my spinal column as a wineglass you arse tre I have a deep confesson to make Illocrayonstation freemandysoners:
Ive been blind as long as I can remember the only way I can see these days is if I promise Pa I'll draw some more ILL CASTRATION FLEM DONS only then will he   take the blindfold and the restrictive head restraint off and allow me to have a Greggs Sausage roll and draw some Ruddy Comic.  One day I'll forget what real life looks like like fer instanse the character of ARMUS I was trying to draw a Tractor on dialysis  but it came out all wong.  Still Ive got me health...farther usually remembers to put the antidote into my kennel food moist ngihts.

Oil painting Thurstay entery

Deep illustrat Frydays, here ity my enters for this week. This week. This week the word is. Is POWER!

In anticipation that this week i will win the Illo Friday £73.10 cash prize, I would like to thank god, jesus, god-jesus IIXXV, captain Imhotep Riker, and Blae 7's starship the USS Hello My Friend.


Next week the word on illustratos fruntag is "wheel"
wife left him at

this ford maddox brown work was hard to do. I set fire to the first 83 attemtps cos they weren not greater enough. 
hello darlings me.

Olly Frustration NIght

Helo erdington station friday fan. my name is ROmrne, welcome to my Today's weekly word it "Fresh"

Remember that time in castlevainia XXXIIIIXIIX when the latest album by the housemartins was in th etop 10 album chart. what has this got to do with my IF entry I here you say/ask/exclaim/press/flimp/Argos catalogue. The A to your question is thids = = = I HAVE NO FUCKEN IDEA - I DREW WHET I FELT GOD @

I was heavely preg-Nuns when I oompleted this weeks Willson-constrations fridays thankully my dead son Joshua #5 clicked the windows start button and out popped a shit baby.  Reall good funz ya funky cunt tones.
Meanwhile on ~Gaven Neweys Chin testiclicular cancer had spread to his toast crimes.

Blig Blig Deep Illo station nine on fridays fans.

Eel oh station cry day

Morning Dad thix weeks illo chemo fry skins new drawing iz deadicat teds to ded dad derek   & cliv vol: A.

This wekk I decided to draw another comic as latersly Ive been gatherin a lots of interest in me comics from uk based DC thampons also responsible for beano charracters Dinner mennace, Roguuuuuers the gaugers, and Mine craft the deep space minx.

welcome to my mums japseye cleenex
i wrote to you all last week with an illustration that I hoped would get a lot of attention from the local press. I'm gladdy to reportz to you that the Expresss A& Freddie Star published an article about how how I was born under a wandering star
hello my name is Romarn Truiphs
Anyway, this weeks I'm entering illustration saturday on fire wirg my mbreasts dipped in cancer milk#
Neil Degrasse Tyson Neil Strauss William F Buckley
goodnight illustration friday cack wolf