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Ill Um Plum plups and the secret illuminators

Hello freaders

so I was like, reading through this week's ilustrartion fridays entrys earlier and it suddenlty dawned on me and my friends that illustration frisday has been secretly showing its allegiance to the worse secret society in history. i've been completing the illustrator friday competition for nearly 14 years, so I cant beliece I never notuiced it before.

it's the illuminato!

hello re1.

i have tried to contact the chief executive of illustrator friday 5 minutes ago and cant seem to get any resposne to my faxes. eye therefore have decided that I.F. you can't beat em, joim them. IO would therefre like this post to serve as my applicator for the illuminato. I would like to join cos I  know their watchuing and well yeah just let me in. my CV can be provided if needed and I have many references from back in my school days that i can provide over here if nestessery.

oh,. anne for the record Dan Brown is a lovely lovely man, I like him quite a very much and i belie…

Only fools and dak acid werk

Hello Starship troopers I am Roman Truipths. Welcome to my blog

Today I drid a comic enttted Post it Wars

Famous figures from the 80s not convincted of being peedophiles (yet) are as follows:

Noel Edmunds
Paul Daniels
Bob Monkhouse
Les Dawson
Russ Abbott
Keith Chegwin
Gordon the Gopher

To celebrate all these famous celebs who never fiddled with kikds, here's my latest com ic.

  but in the last episode Q returns to judge humanity and pulls Picard through 3 time zones. There's one seen where Tasha is back. I made me adf my unckle cry when we fust sore it. here's a lovely snippet from that epilsode@:

god, the man in this tfllowing video is so sexy. so very very vun sex

maxumum crime overdrive

Help me illustradors fry dak

please be my fruiend

I'b so lobely

Please read all my blog entries, all historic and all future. I David Charles Tatsirrup...

Do you think this blog will be online in 100 years time? Thib slog will be here long agter I am dead. Which could be soon. Or in 80 tyears time. Eitehr/or

Cougher's union

tONIGHT my sister and I drew a book about cancer

So today right, i droo a comuic abot xancer, cats, Paddy and karts.

I would like to welcome all my freinds to my blog tonight. I put themn on a bag. I'm not bothered about the bag. I'm just not bothered about this bag Mo meed to be rude dear
He wanstto buy a cassette
A cassette?
A cassette!

Ginger caTS and ///

I dreugh another comic today. This one is entitled How to Ggrow am bEARD.

My latest daughter Lunt suggested I drore abiout facial hair for a few weeks. This is that result of that workloads..

I went home to my mems house for a bite of her sandwich tonight and when I chewed it the belly of Jesus!

I put prozac in my son's cott death agen. I couldnt help itself I had to knoe ha to see, had to feel the anguish of painkillers being ripped out of Caroline Leech's flesh sockets.

Please help me, I'm so lonely. My kids dont understand me,,,i try to tell em about their dad (hoo they neva met cos he was a ninja star maker) but all they eva do is tell me I'm their mum. I KNOW I'M THEIR FUCKEN MOMS! Why do they have to keep telling me.

Oh, and get this right, last monday Joshua told me iz converting to muslim. Why would he want to stop being a lovely christian and join the church of muslim? They have to fucking prey 4 times a day, while facing eastenders.

I'm so slonely.


best comic in the world ever?

is this am the welst comicers in the world?

my compuer is not working corecklters, I'm trying to watch a video of my dead pizza brent having a cummers, but all I'm getting is a fucking messs


am it wrong that every time i look like this men tell em to fokkers off?

ant bee wasp centipedophile

i love love love LOVE LOVE drawing cartooons strips

here's one I drew on my holiday to the little vi,llage of russia, which

do you remember how russia used to have a [prridge festival in Great Bridge town hall every toosday night? My grandpa used to take mt here as child. he used to sit me on his lap and say "listen grandadughter, always remember where you come from,,,never forget who yu am,,,

tardigrades playing a banjo forever. Gustav Holst wrote the planets whil having a lovely moist dump on his sisters toilet/bath

anyw5 heres my ne cartoons

finally tonight I wana tella youa bout some paranomrlal things what I pleasantly read on the rtanie arlier (coming back from my haircut in Debehams)

It seems there's been a sighting of Hank Azari from Break Bad at Borely church. Borely church is a fucking church building in borely which in in Essex England

this m are picture of it

nowm, it transpires (please keep reading) that the church was so badly hunted by Hank (please keep read…

postman twat had a lovelty cat whose name was Jesse Pinkman but whereever that Pat did go the cat was surely to fuckery blubberys OS10

here's another fucking COMIC.

I'm mnto racist, I just prefrer black men.

please dont judge me

where I'm frum in Wednesbury there am 60 black people so they're really hard to get into bed, but when you do,  hear it's an amazing windows xperience

can you please PM with pictures of black men you've been in love with, I want to live vicariously through your databases

I weatch baywatch
I watch Baywatch
I watch baywatch

I fucking love the Hoffersz

he really let himself go before he destroyed himself to deah though

RIP Baywatcher


i'm sorry i swore in my last post

i would like to issue a heart felt apology for the angry words in my previous post. I'm incredibly pre-menstrual at the moment. Ive not had a sex for several monfs and my hormones am all ofver the shop.

talking of shops, does anybody here remember Woolworths? Before Gordon Brown smashed the economy into the side of a cliff that shop used to be open and people uswd to go in and buy things with money. What kinds of things I hear you ask? Well, shoes, spoons, socks, sanders, sandwiches, sunglasses, basically anything beginning with a es

anyway, not having any cock to cram up my fuckin cunt (sozzry for more swearing) of late I've been spilling my female sperms bydrawing till I cant bleed any more.

heres another comic I found at ym bus sherlter

our bus

o rbh

our bus shelter has a name. she's called Michael Stamp

anyway, i gotta log off forever now as I'm feeling a suicide attack coming on

if you dont like my drawings fuck off

i like it when boys jiggle their belly fat inm y face while i eating my mums tea

do you remember that time when I said I was goig to kill myself and everybody wrote to me telling me life was worth living if I just hung on in there?

well, after dseveral abortions of neareth death I decided I'm going to give life another try. I first realised I wanted to live when I heard the new Coldplay album. Listening to the soulful vocals of Christopher Pike made me realise life is short so I should hold onto with my both hands and pretend nobody can see me cry

I've started drawing again and the results are posetronic net

                                                                              on my wife's birthday i found a strange mysterious rusty key in her breasts. when I used it on all doors in my house I found it opened the secret door underneath my fridge.

when i went into there I found a pile of dead bodie LOL

anyway, here's mr comic

do you like it?
if you dont FUCK OFF

Joshiua's orl grown uP

dear mothers
  today my bay Joshuas grew up

he's a man now at long last.
a picture of him wot I took with my neighbour's camera during breakfast time this morging

ent he a dreamboat

i cant wait till i'm an old women and he fancies me like I fancy him

i would do him, even tho he is my sun i know what youre fthinking, yo am fthinking how cam you fancy your own sunners?


I lov darker men (dow we all LOL)

if you wat to date my sun, please conatct him at my faebnook paige at


                   and I never saw her again, but I wont never frget the way her face looked as the wreckage was being cleared. it was like the last episodes of Lost where Jack Baur gets fucked in the guts by the man in black, and he crawls in the reed and fucking burnst to death